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Our work is done with pride. We work until all aspects of the show are finished and complete to the end clients needs. We look for every opportunity to enhance the show to its highest capability.

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Custom built "Aerial Champagne Bottle' created for The Bellagio. 

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Radiant Productions offers the best in entertainment and production for corporate events, private parties and special events. We have created unique experiences for our clients all over the world. We specialize in customizing a creative unique experience for every client. From interactive guest experiences to full custom tailored shows, here at Radiant Productions we know what it takes to bring you the best in the business. Our extensive background and knowledge comes from working alongside many Fortune 500 companies over the past 20 years. We have utilized our talents for companies such as Cirque Du Soleil, the NFL, Coca-Cola, Harley Davidson and IBM. We continue to push the boundaries in the business by offering specialized unique entertainment. Show creation, act and prop creation are a few of the unique qualities that separate us from other companies. We turn an ordinary event into one that is exciting and thrilling, an event to remember.

  We have also worked alongside many different rigging companies in the industry to help create the perfect show based on the venue you have chosen. Our direct one-on-one client relations and detail oriented approach leaves you with peace of mind. We have worked in many theaters, ballrooms, tents and venues around the world and understand what it takes to create the perfect show.