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We have worked with our clients to create unique events and unique imagery. This includes our costuming department. Their attention to detail is above all others. From renderings all the way to the final product we work alongside our clients to perfect the image desired. 

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The newest member of the aerial prop created by Radiant Productions is the aerial ring. The ring is fitted with an RGB lighted jewel that can be set to any color so it can be a diamond, ruby, emerald or a sapphire. With its many options it can be used for serving drinks at a wedding, engagement party, anniversary or a themed colored event. You will also find our aerial champagne bottle, Lip swing chair created for the Bellagio and a 'Rosie the Riveter' on a tire swing in the images.

Being creative in a creative industry can have it's challenges and we are up to the task. We work together with our clients striving for a unique experience. Whether it's Broadway style musicals, full custom cirque style shows, extreme entertainment, cabaret and even flash mobs. There aren't any boundaries we cant reach. 

We are always updating this page. Please come back and see our progress as we strive to create unique experiences and imagery in the industry.

Radiant Productions offers creative services that are incomparable in the corporate industry. We have supplied specialized custom talent, created custom acrobatic equipment for various projects, provided Broadway style shows and created various themes of entertainment all over the world. Our creativity is boundless and is affordable. There isn’t any theme or décor we can’t create or bring to culmination. You will find some images and descriptions in the following write-ups that explain the process into what we offer specifically for a treatment or proposal for your next big project. These are ideas that we have conceived either from our own imagination or collaborating with our clients based on their ideas. Articulating an idea and having it become reality is such an amazing part of our business. We strive to bring something new and exciting into the industry so your guests feel that they have had a one in a lifetime experience they will never forget. 


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Radiant Productions was brought into the Pirates Voyage dinner theater show in Myrtle Beach with Dolly Parton and World Choice Investments in 2009. Our job was to oversee the custom equipment being built for the show. We also created all the show tracks and choreography for the acrobats on the acrobatic equipment after overseeing the cast auditions. Another highlight of this show was to design and fabricate the Russian swings that were custom designed to fly in and out of the staging area and then teach new acrobats how to perform on them. Other apparatuses included rope swings from the crow's nests and a custom designed tramp wall specific to the venue that had limitations of the ceiling and placement of an additional flown in stage. The show featured tumbling on a custom rod floor, the Russian swing, spring board diving and multiple aerial acts including aerial net and aerial anchors. Months of planning and design work culminated to a fun feast for all!

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